Kristine was a real gem. At 18 years old、 she wasn’t the hottest whore I’d ever banged、 and she was a little too chunky for my general taste. But she had such a cute face and pleasing/friendly personality that I decided to breed her anyway. *****Kristine was dreaming of having a mixed-race baby and she wanted a baby girl so that her daughter would grow up to win beauty pageants. This common theme in Asia always makes me laugh. If the woman wants a boy、 she wants it to grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer. If she wants a girl、 she wants it to be a beauty queen、 or if she’s really ambitious、 a flight attendant. God、 I love Asia so much….*****So I decided I would do my good deed for the week and help little Kristine out. However、 to make up for her slightly chubby tummy、 I made sure the little breeder got me rock-hard with a long deep blowjob and facefuck. She knew exactly what to do as she kept her eyes open and looked up at me in reverence while I plowed all 9 inches of my cock into her wet、 slobbery mouth. *****After I was nice and hard、 I fucked the little whore in multiple positions、 finally unloading my baby batter deep into the recesses of her plump pussy. I slid the wine cork into her slanted slit but her pussy was so wet it kept slipping out! Every time I’d slide it in、 it would pop out like a greased hotdog. It was actually kind of funny. But I finally pushed it deep inside and let Kristine incubate my sperm for 15 minutes. *****Unfortunately、 because the cork kept popping out、 much of the sperm dripped out prematurely. Fortunately、 the sperm that did get inside shot deep into her uterus and made Kristine a teen mommy! *****I didn’t hear from Kristine for a long time and I actually thought my mighty sperm might have let me down、 but when I received a text from her 9 months later telling me with pride she just gave birth to a healthy daughter、 I smiled with satisfaction. I helped make Kristine’s dreams come true while placing another fork on the branches of my evolutionary family tree. Life is good….

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