I think I mentioned in a previous episode about how much I love spinners、 but I often get concerned when breeding them. I mean、 how can my giant western babies fit into these tiny、 skinny teenagers without breaking them in half? For instance – Nicole:*****Nicole wasn’t the prettiest girl I’d ever bred、 but she had that spinner body that gets my 9-inch cock rock hard. I just love girls’ with tiny waists、 and Nicole’s was one of the tiniest I’d seen in a long time. Nothing beats being able to wrap my large hands completely around their waists and bouncing them up and down on my cock like a rag doll or pumping their fresh little pussies from behind. So much fun!*****Nicole really wanted a western baby、 so during our interview I made her strip down and show me her body. I need to visually inspect these girls before breeding them – almost like a veterinary inspection – to make sure they are healthy and will be good breeding vessels. Although I was immensely turned on by Nicole’s super-thin waist and almost completely flat chest、 I was concerned that a western baby from me would completely break this girl. But if she was willing to risk it、 so was I!*****I fucked Nicole in every position I could think of. It’s so much fun to pound super skinny girls like Nicole as each position makes you feel like a giant、 like a king. I put Nicole on her back、 missionary position、 and watched with pleasure as each thrust of my giant cock made an outline in Nicole’s taut tummy. I was almost hitting her ribcage! Finally、 I could tell the little whore couldn’t take much more of the brutal pounding so I unloaded my sticky semen deep into her uterus and corked the little breeder up with one of my wine corks.*****As I mentioned before、 I wasn’t sure if this pregnancy would be successful as Nicole was so tiny. But 8 months later、 I was walking around SM Mall in Angeles City and I saw Nicole walking hand in hand with another western guy. She was still skinny as a rail except that her tummy had ballooned out and it looked like she had a giant watermelon stuffed under her tank top.*****When she saw me she started blushing、 covering her face with her hand and giggling、 but trying to hide it from her boyfriend. Poor guy. He probably thought it was his baby incubating in Nicole’s stretched out belly. That’s why you can’t trust these bitches. EVER. But I just sat there and smiled、 sipping my coffee at the coffee shop and scanning the mall for more fresh、 fertile teens to breed. Life is good…..

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