Today was pure genius! One of my best productions ever! First、 I must praise the entity who crafted the most spectacular vagina I have ever witnessed. The proud owner of this beautiful cunt is Polly、 who is fresh out of the crayon box at the ripe age of 18. Polly’s pussy is hairless、 perfectly pink、 and the size of an SD memory card. It’s the tiniest pussy ever and it might be because Polly only weighs 81 lbs. I couldn’t wait to drill her paperweight body. With a little lube、 forward-thrusting、 and a whole lot of smiley/happy face I managed to sink my cock into the tightest pussy in Thailand. I’m amazed I lasted long enough to fuck Polly in several delightful ways before finally dumping the thickest load of semen into her flawless pussy.

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