When breeding Thai females、 I sometimes worry a little bit about the fate of my future offspring. Filipina girls seem to be genetically inclined to motherhood. It’s all they grow up dreaming about. But Thai girls are a little different. Sure、 some of them also dream of giving birth to a western baby、 but it’s not as ingrained in their culture as it is in the Philippines (i.e. Buddhism vs. Catholicism). So I often wonder how my future kids are going to turn out being raised by a Thai mother.Not so with this week’s breeder Hong! I met Hong (aka Fong – her bargirl name) a few weeks ago at a bar on Soi 7 in Pattaya and we hit it off immediately over a game of pool. She told me she dreamed of having a foreigner’s baby and didn’t mind if the relationship didn’t last. As long as she got the ultimate prize of a mixed-race Thai/American baby、 she didn’t mind if I disappeared and never saw her again. Wow! What a great attitude honey! That’s music to this degenerate monger’s ears.I brought Hong up to my breeding lair (aka apartment) and proceeded to strip the fertile cow out of her clothes so I could examine her reproductive assets: Two ripe、 natural、 proportionate udders? CHECK! Big、 wide ass with large hips for baby-making? CHECK! Small、 smooth pussy that hasn’t been wrecked by a previous birth? CHECK! Hong definitely passed her inspection and it was time to fill her womb with my seed. She gave me a nice long blowjob and then it was time for insemination. I gotta tell you guys、 it was pretty tough to keep from prematurely blowing my load as Hong’s pussy muscles were just squeezing my cock like a bitch in heat (well、 I guess that’s what she was) and I could feel her pussy walls clenching and squeezing my cock to get me to deposit my sperm deep inside、 especially when she was riding me. But I summoned up all my will power and tried to hold it as long as I could、 and I finally shot my hot virile load deep into Hong’s birth canal doggystyle.When it was time to cork her pussy、 she didn’t mind at all. She just took it stoically like a real-life milk cow being artificially inseminated by a dairy farmer. Just kinda stared off into space and let the farmer (me) do my job. It was so hot. And guess what guys? I heard back from Hong 3 months later and she told me she was pregnant with my baby! Sweeeeet. She doesn’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet、 but she’ll let me know in the coming months. Life is good!

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